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"In my small workshop I handcraft bespoke guitars. Each instrument is made in close collaboration with the client. Not only to create a unique guitar but an extension of the player himself."


I finished my apprenticeship in 2011 at Hanika guitars, a traditional manufacturer of classical guitars in Baiersdorf, Germany.  In addition I finished as second winner of nationwide luthier contest of my year. After 4 years working at Hanika guitars I moved back to my hometown where I started in my fathers music shop as salesman for acoustic guitars and luthier for repairs. That was when i began crafting individual guitars for various musicians. In 2018 I decided to focus on acoustic steelstring guitars.


The acoustic guitar is the perfect platform for me to grow as a luthier and to live out my creativity. One of the most fun things for me is to play with different tonewoods to create individual guitars and pieces of functional art. My biggest goal is to craft guitars for clients who like to experience the unique journey of a truly bespoke and handmade guitar!

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