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Scale Length: 647.7mm / 25,5"

Body Lenght: 517mm / 20,35"

Upper Bout: 300mm / 11,81"

Waist: 268mm / 10.55"

Lower Bout: 400mm / 15,75"

Depth at Neck: 100mm / 3,94"

Depth at End: 120mm / 4,72"


The largest guitar I offer is my take on a model called the "Modified Dreadnought". Most guitarists are familiar with the traditional Martin Dreadnought, which was first introduced in the 1930´s. This model was later refined by Ervin Somogyi, godfather of the modern steelstring guitar, to suite modern fingerstyle music with a more balanced sound and tighter waist for more comfort when played seated. He inspired me to create this instrument as a contemporary version of the traditional body shape. 

The basic dimensions are similar to a traditinal dreadnought, but the waist is tighter and the lower bout is more rounded. This adds comfort for the player and balance to the sound. The bass sounds big, but not over-powered and the trebles are fat to keep up. It has a very good string seperation and can be driven very hard when build with a spruce top. From strumming to flatpicking to modern fingerstyle, it suits various playing styles with the power and dynamics of a big dreadnought guitar!

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