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Martin N.

The first time I visited Daniel in his shop in Aschaffenburg I was a Martin player and pretty happy with it.

But as I got to know Daniels instruments, a Modified Dreadnought in Redwood and Myrtlewood in specific, I entered a new world of experiencing the steelstring guitar and took it home with me.

Instruments that are easy to play, clear and responsive and when you play them you experience yourself new as a player. 

Florian Rosenlöcher

I had Daniel built my very first custom guitar and he surpassed my expecations!

The sound as well as playability and look make this guitar so great and unique for me, which fits right in my collection. 
From the very beginning Daniel adviced me with competence and provided pictures and informations about every step in the building, which gave me a very good feeling about this whole process. At first I tried a few guitars from his workshop, so I could choose the perfect tonewoods. So I decided to take walnut for back and sides. A special set from his walnut stash spoke to me instantly, which looked like angels wings.  Other beautiful details are the florentine cutaway, the abalone soundhole rosette, the vintage style tuners and the "rose" inlay in the headstock which was designed by himself and executed phenomenal. The thin open-pore finish results in a very good sounding instrument. It has power, balance, overtones and all the good stuff. The build-in LR Baggs Anthem pickup translates that sound very naturally. All in all a very clean, high-end workmanship. Thank you! Daniel, this guitar makes me very happy!


Tobias Selesion

Dear Daniel,


I wanted a guitar which is easy to fingerpick, can take it when played harder, that sounds nice and also looks beautiful. Alos I wanted a different sound from my Taylor 714ce.


As I was new to commissioning a guitar I first hesitated with ordering one. Then I played a Taylor guitar with Cedar top and several of your own guitar in your shop. The folling conversation with you about the tonewoods convinced me in ordering a guitar from you. 

So it started...

You took time to select with me the right woods which was a wonderful experience. During the build I recieved photos from the process, which gave me ideas for a change while the build was already moving forward.


How it looks...

After months of waiting I finally recieved my guitar and was fascinated by the look. Personally selecting tonewoods payed off!


How it feels...

She is lighter than my other guitars, neck feels very comfortable which you copied from my Taylor.


And how does is play....

She plays very smooth and sounds great even when equipped with 11-52 Custom light strings

The sound...

Every time I compare my acoustic guitars I´m excited by the sound of your guitar and I´m happy to have made this step.

I can hardly put it into words but my kids said following on the first day. The guitar sounds much more pleasent to the ears and not as shrill as the other guitar. But that doesn´t mean it has lack of highs!

I find your description fits best. "She has a pronounced bass, which you feel vibrating while playing and at the same time she has a very clean voice with sparkling highs. 

I like it very much! ;-)

Thank you very much, Daniel!

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