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SMALL - 00

Scale Length: 24,75"/628,6mm

Body Lenght:

Upper Bout:


Lower Bout:

Depth at Neck:

Depth at End:


My smallest model is a complete redesign of a classic 00-12 fret guitar. Thanks to its measurements it lays comfortably in the players lap. The neck joins the body at the 12th fret which makes it even shorter and moves the bridge in the "sweetspot" of the top, which enhances volume, bass and sustain of the instrument. It is well balanced and responds to the lightest touch. Although it is mainly designed for fingerstyle playing and it can handle light to medium strumming very well, too! Don´t let the small size fool you. The overall projection is surprising despite its small size. A short 24,75"/628,6mm scale length results in less string tension adds playing comfort. The ideal guitar for fingerstyle music, studio guitarists, small player´s or those who struggle with larger guitars. 

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